La lance et la javeline dans les sagas islandaises, compilation

Fabrice Guillou, Drekar / AMHE du Maine

basé sur le document de Hurstwic :

..suivi de la javeline (snærisspjót)

(traduction à venir)

  • Bjarnar saga Hítdælakappa (Saga de Bjorn, champion des gens de Hítardalr)

he thrust at Bjorn with the spear he held in his hand

He had been carrying a spear in his hand, and as soon as he came within range of them he sent it flying forward along the track, and in its path was a man called Stein, son of Gudbrand.

A Norwegian who was with Thord threw his spear after Bjorn, piercing his shield.

When Bjorn got out of the river, Thord’s son Kolbein threw a spear at him over the river, hitting him in the thigh.

But Bjorn took the spear and threw it back across the river at them. There was a man in its path, and it passed through him and hit Kolbein Thordarson who was sitting behind him, and both were killed.

Thorvald Eidsson threw his spear at Bjorn as soon as he was within range. Bjorn caught the spear in the air and sent it back to its owner. It struck Thorvald in the middle, and he fell dead to the ground.

  • Brennu-Njals saga (Saga de Njáll le Brûlé)

Karl pulled up his ship on the other side of Gunnar’s and threw a spear across it, aimed at Gunnar’s middle. Gunnar saw the spear coming at him, and he turned around so quickly that no eye could follow and caught the spear in his left hand. He threw it back at Karl’s ship, and the man who was in its way was struck dead.

Karl pulled up his ship on the other side of Gunnar’s and threw a spear across it, aimed at Gunnar’s

With that, Atli thrust his spear and hit him in the waist. Kol swung his axe at him and missed, then fell off his horse and died at once.

They began their attack, and Thord defended himself so well that he broke the shafts of both their spears. Then Skjold cut off his arm, and he defended himself with the other arm for some time, until Sigmund ran him through with his spear; then he fell dead to the ground.

He turned to face Skarphedin and thrust at him with his spear and it struck the shield. Skarphedin cut through the spear-shaft with his axe and raised his axe again and swung at Sigmund, and it struck the shield and split it down to below the handle.

« It cannot be helped, » said Hallbjorn. « You’re planning to kill my brother, and I would be shamed if I just stood by » – and with both hands he thrust a great spear at Gunnar

Audolf grabbed his spear and threw it at Gunnar. Gunnar caught it in the air and threw it back and it went through the shield and the Norwegian and into the ground.

Kol thrust his spear at him. Kolskegg had just slain a man and had his hands full and so could not get his shield up, and the spear hit him on the outside of the thigh and went through it

He ran at Gunnar in great anger and thrust his spear through the shield and through Gunnar’s arm. Gunnar twisted the shield so hard that the spear broke apart at the socket. Gunnar saw another man come within reach of his sword and struck him his death blow and then seized the halberd in both hands. Thorgeir Otkelsson had meanwhile moved in close, with his sword at the ready. Gunnar turned toward him quickly and in great anger. He thrust his halberd through him and lifted him up high and threw him out into the river. The body drifted down to the ford and was stopped there by a boulder.

Hroald had a spear in his hand. Hogni sprang at him, and Hroald made a thrust at him, but Hogni severed his spear shaft with the halberd and then drove it right through him.

Snaekolf ran at Olaf and thrust his spear right through him.

Grim thrust his spear at Snaekolf so hard that he fell overboard

Grjotgard threw his spear at Kari, but Kari saw it coming and leaped into the air, and the spear missed him.

Kari came face to face with Earl Melsnati. Melsnati threw his spear at Kari, and Kari shot it back, right through the earl.

He grabbed his spear and threw it at his throat, and Aslak died on the spot

He came within range of him and threw his spear at him and right through him.

Thangbrand sent his spear right through Thorvand and Gudleif cut off his arm at the shoulder, and that was the end of him

Kari and Grim and Helgi made many spear-thrusts and wounded many men, and Flosi and his men could do nothing

Thorstein Kolbeinsson, Flosi’s nephew, rode up to him with a spear in his hand. He was one of Flosi’s bravest and most admired men. Flosi grabbed the spear from him and hurled it at Ingjald. It came at his left side and passed through the shield below the handle and split the shield in two; the spear passed through Ingjald’s thigh just above the knee and stuck fast in the side-board of the saddle.

When Thorhall heard this he was so upset that he could not speak a word. He sprang out of his bed and with both hands seized his spear, Skarphedin’s gift, and drove it into his leg. Flesh and the core of the boil clung to the spear, for he cut the boil right out of his leg, and a gush of blood and a flow of pus poured like a stream across the floor.

There he came across Grim the Red, Flosi’s kinsman, and as soon as they met, Thorhall thrust at him with the spear and pierced his shield and split it in two, and the spear passed through him so that the point came out between his shoulders. Thorhall threw him off the spear, dead.

Homsteinn threw his spear at Kari, but he caught it in mid-air and sent it back, and that was the death of one of Flosi’s men.

Kari Solmundarson came up to Bjarni Brodd-Helgason; he grabbed a spear and thrust it at him, and it hit his shield. Bjarni jerked his shield to the side – otherwise the spear would have gone through him. He swung his sword at Kari’s leg, but Kari pulled back his leg and turned on his heel, so that Bjarni missed him.

Asgrim said, « I see that, son » – and he quickly cast his spear at Skafti and hit him just below the thickest part of the calf and pierced both legs. Skafti fell at the blow and could not get back up, and the only thing the men near him could do was to drag him, laid out flat as he was, into the booth of a certain sword-sharpener

Flosi cast his spear at Bruni Haflidason; it hit him in the waist and that was his death.

Thorstein Hlennason pulled the spear out of the wound and threw it at Flosi and hit him on the leg; Flosi’s leg was badly wounded and he fell down, but got back up at once.

Lambi came at him from behind and lunged at him with his spear. Kari caught sight of him and leaped up and spread his legs wide as the lunge came; the spear went into the ground, and Kari landed on the shaft and broke it in two. He had a spear in one hand and a sword in the other, but no shield. He made a lunge at Sigurd Lambason with his right hand. The spear hit him in the chest and came out between his shoulders, and he fell down dead on the spot. With his left hand he swung the sword at Mord Sigfusson and hit him on the hip, and cut through it and the backbone as well. He fell forward, dead on the spot.

The others all got up and ran at them, and Modolf Ketilsson was the fastest and thrust his spear at Kari. Kari had his shield raised before him, and the spear landed on the shield and stuck in it. Kari twisted the shield so that the spear broke; in the meantime he had drawn his sword and swung it at Modolf. Modolf struck back. Kari’s sword struck the hilt and glanced off onto the wrist and cut off Modolfs hand, which fell to the ground along with his sword, and Kari’s sword flew on into Modolfs side and went in between the ribs. He fell then, dead on the spot.

Grani Gunnarsson grabbed his spear and threw it at Kari, and Kari brought his shield down swiftly and stuck it into the ground and caught the spear in the air with his left hand and threw it back at Grani, and then picked up the shield with the same hand. Grani had his shield raised before him. The spear hit the shield and went right through it and passed through Grani’s thigh just beneath the crotch and into the ground, and he could not get loose from the spear until his companions pulled him off and carried him into a hollow and fenced him round with shields.

These men rode on, but then another six men came riding along, and they all leaped at once off their horses and attacked Kari and Bjorn. Glum Hildisson was first to rush at Kari and he thrust at him with his spear. Kari turned away on his heel and Glum missed him, and the spear hit the rock. Biorn saw this and quickly hacked the point of Glum’s spear. Kari, though off balance, swung his sword and caught him in the thigh and cut off his leg. Glum died on the spot.

Then Ketil of Mork rushed at Kari and thrust at him with his spear. Kari threw his leg up and the spear went into the ground; Kari jumped on the shaft and broke it in two.

  • Droplaugarsona saga (Saga des fils de Droplaug)

But at the very moment he tried to mount, Helgi threw a spear, piercing him in the middle and Thorgrim fell down dead at once

He mounted the steep snowdrift, making for Helgi Droplaugarson, and thinking he had something against him. But when he came into the snowdrift, Helgi Droplaugarson aimed with a spear between his legs and pierced through the scrotum, and he fell backwards, and the spear stuck fast in the snowdrift, and he hung there on the snowdrift for the whole day.

Ozur’s solution was that he lunged at Helgi Droplaugarson with the spear, so that it went right through him. Helgi walked forward onto the spear and said to Ozur, « Now you’ve betrayed me. »

  • Egils saga (saga d’Egill, fils de Grímr le Chauve)

example of throwing blankets over weapons in a fight to render them harmless

Some attacked them from the outside by lunging their swords and spears through the fences, while others rendered them harmless by throwing blankets over their weapons.

Then Thorolf began fighting so furiously that he threw his shield over his back, grabbed his spear with both hands and charged forward, hacking and thrusting to either side.

Then he drove the spear through the earl’s coat of mail, into his chest and through his body so that it came out between his shoulder blades, lifted him up on it above his head and thrust the end into the ground. Everyone saw how the earl died on the spear, both his own men and his enemies.

His own spear struck the middle of Onund’s shield and sank in so deep that it stuck there, making it heavy for Onund to hold.

When they were ready for the duel, they ran at each other and began by throwing their spears, but neither stuck in the shields, but fell to the ground.

  • Eyrbyggja saga (Saga de Snorri le godi)

Arnkel’s shepherd watched their movements carefully and told Arnkel. He took his weapons and rode after them, catching up with them between the Svelgsa river and Holar. When he approached them, Hauk jumped off his horse and thrust at Arnkel with his spear, but the blow landed on the shield and did not cause any injury. Then Arnkel jumped off his horse and thrust at him with his spear, and that blow went through his belly and he fell there at the place now known as Hauksa river.

When Snorri’s troop came up the avalanche, Steinthor shot a spear over them for good luck, according to ancient custom, and the spear found its mark, hitting Snorri’s kinsman, Mar Hallvardsson, rendering him unfit to fight.

When Steinthor’s men raced towards the rock, Thorleif Kimbi hurled a spear into their midst and it hit Bergthor Thorlaksson in his stomach, putting him out of the fight. He walked across the ice and lay down there, but Steinthor and some of his men launched an attack on the rock, while others went to get their weapons.

Their attack on the rock was slow, and when they had fought for quite some time, Thord Blig made a run at the rock, trying to lunge his spear into Thorleif Kimbi since he was always at the forefront of his men. The spear hit his shield, but in fending it off so powerfully, his feet slipped from beneath him on the broken ice which was on a slope, and he fell down and slipped backwards down off the rock. Thorleif Kimbi ran after him, wanting to kill him before he could get to his feet. Freystein Bofi ran after Thorleif, and he had ice-spurs on his shoes.

  • Finnboga saga ramma (saga de Finnbogi le Fort)

Then Thorstein ran forward and thrust at Finnbogi with a spear. Hrafn the Short ran forward and broke the spear-shaft asunder.

Jokul thrust at Thorkel with a spear, aiming at his middle. At that Finnbogi drew his sword and sliced the spear-shaft in two between Jokul’s hands.

When he saw what Jokul was doing he immediately struck at him with the pitchfork and sliced the spear-shaft in two between his hands.

Thorkel then thrust at Jokul with his spear, landing on the bottom edge of the shield so that it split and the spear plunged into Jokul’s instep, causing a big wound.

Kol ran forward and thrust at Berg with a spear, striking him on his shield. Berg warded the blow off with his shield and at once Jokul struck at him and landed a blow on his gullet. Finnbogi saw this, drew his sword, and split the spear-shaft asunder.

As he arrived Gunnbjorn thrust at Bersi through his shield and onto the thigh, causing a big wound. Jokul then thrust at Gunnbjorn’s shield, but it was so strong that the blow did not go in, and the spear sprang up and into the collarbone. At that moment Finnbogi arrived and thrust at Jokul, penetrating to the bone.

  • Fljótsdæla saga (saga de Fljótsdæla)

Helgi saw this and was furious. He stripped off his cloak and ran towards Thorgrim Dung-beetle. When he judged that he was within firing range of him he let go his spear. It sought its target and flew under Thorgrim’s arm and came out under the other one. He fell to the ground, stone dead. Then Helgi caught the horse, led it to where Thorgrim was lying and put him on its back. Grim helped him and Helgi led the horse down to the hay-yard

When Asbjorn saw the spear coming at him he jumped up. The spear hit one of the tunic flaps and went into the loop and then out into the soft wall, so that he fell down off the wall. He sprang up quickly and took up the spear and threw it down again; he jumped back up on to the wall and down inside it. He set off at a run back to the farm.

  • Floamanna saga

Then he grabbed a spear and walked up to the horse and drove the spear into its belly.

  • Fóstbræðra saga (Saga des frères jurés)

Jod had a barbed spear in his hand and he turned suddenly to Havar and drove the spear through him, wounding him mortally.

He had a spear in his right hand and turned the point forward. In his left hand was an axe.

Having come from the brightness inside, Jod and his men had some trouble seeing out into the dark, whereas it was easier for Thorgeir to see them from where he stood in the doorway. When they least expected it, Thorgeir moved forward and drove his spear straight through Jod’s middle, so that he fell into the arms of his servants

Bjarni tried to turn the horse towards the gate and rode back to the house. Thorgeir struck at him with his spear and it pierced him clean through, so that he was already dead when he fell from the horse.

Thorgeir used the shaft of his spear to divert the blow and then, wielding his axe in his right hand, he struck Skuf on the head and split him to the shoulders.

Thorgeir, seriously concerned that Snorri might kill the animals, jumped down from his mount, holding his shield in front of him and an axe in his left hand. In the other hand, he had a spear with which he attacked Snorri, forcing him back towards the sheep-house where the fellow tried to defend himself with his spear.

Then Thorgeir threw down his spear and took up his axe in his right hand, Snorri attacked him fiercely through the opening in the roof.

example of cutting through a spear shaft with an axe

Thorgeir deflected the blows with his shield and axe, seeking only to cut the shaft from Snorri’s spear and he did not stop until he had succeeded.

Then, without warning, Thorgeir thrust his spear at Thorir’s chest and it pierced him right through.

He recognised Thormod and struck at his chest with his spear. Thormod deflected the blow with his axe, but the spear caught him on the calf of his leg and wounded him badly. Ljot thrust forward as he attacked Thormod, and as he did, Sigurd struck him full between the shoulder blades and made a great wound.

  • Gísla saga Súrssonar (saga de Gísli Súrsson)

Thorarin jumped up and, recognizing his assailant, was about to grab his sword, but Thorgrim thrust out with his spear and killed him.

He was already awake but before he knew what was happening, a spear was thrust at him and went right through his breast.

Then one of them threw a spear at Gisli, which he caught in mid-flight and threw back at Thorodd.

Thorgrim the Norwegian saw a branch move in one place and threw his spear directly at it, hitting Gisli in the calf of his leg.

Gisli threw the spear back and it pierced right through Thorgrim and killed him.

Bork threw a spear at him and it struck him in the calf of his leg, wounding him badly. Gisli removed the spear, but lost his sword, too weary to keep hold of it any longer.

The man thrust out at Gisli with a spear, and Gisli struck back, shearing the head from the shaft.

Both were excellent fighters. The battle was fierce and they succeeded in wounding Gisli in several places with their spears, but he defended himself with great courage and strength and they faced such an onslaught of rocks and powerful blows that none escaped being wounded

  • Grettis saga (Saga de Grettir)

Just at that moment, Grettir turned up. Using both hands, he thrust the spear at Thorir’s stomach just as he was on his way down the steps, and it went straight through him. The spear was fitted with a long, thin blade; Ogmund the Eyil was behind Thorir and bumped against him so that the spear pierced him right up to the barbs, out between his shoulderblades and into Ogmund’s chest. Both of them tumbled down dead from the spear.

All of a sudden Thorbjorn rushed up to the door holding his spear in both hands, and lunged at Atli’s stomach, piercing him right through.

Grettir entered the marshland and when he was within range he threw his spear at Thorbjorn, but since the shaft was looser than he had expected it flew off course, the head came loose, and it stuck in the ground.

Illugi leapt for his weapons and defended the door, blocking their entry. They attacked for a long time but could only get the points of their spears inside and Illugi chopped them all off from the shafts.

Thorir approached the doorway, but Thorbjorn thrust his spear at him. Thorir chopped the head off the shaft. Thorbjorn then drew a sword and swung at Thorir, hitting him on his helmet, but the sword broke off at the hilt.

Gunnar threw his spear at Arni before he dismounted, and the spear pierced his breast and went right through him.

  • Gunnlaugr saga (La saga de Gunnlaugr langue-de-serpent)

Hermund rode up to him, drove his spear through him and then rode away.

  • Hallfreðar saga (Möðruvallabók) (saga d’Hallfreðr)

He threw his spear at him, and it went through him, pinning him to the wall. He met a quick death at the point of the spear.

Gris shot a spear at Hallfred, but he caught it in mid-air, and shot it back at Gris. Einar tried to ward it off with his axe, but the spear pierced Einar’s chest and he fell dead

  • Jökuls þáttur Búasona

Then Ulf ran at Snidil with his spear and struck the nape of his neck, so that he lay on the ground with his legs twitching.

  • Kroka refs saga

He sprang up at once, jumped into the saddle, grasped his spear, raised the shaft and struck at Ref. The blow landed on his shoulders and bounced off and hit him on the head.

Then they broke off this talk and Ref set to work and forged himself a huge spear. One could cut or thrust with it. He fitted it with a short shaft which he covered with iron. Then he sharpened it to an edge that would cut whiskers.

Then Ref struck at him with the spear and split him open down to the shoulders. Then he yanked the spear out and walked down to the shore and sat down in the boat-house belonging to the brothers, Thorgils’s sons. But when he got there, Ref struck off his head.

When he got to the boat-house, Ref thrust the spear through him.

At that moment, Ref threw his spear at Bard. It flew right through him and nailed him to the ship’s freeboard.

  • Laxdæla saga (Saga des gens du Val-au-Saumon)

Olaf told his men to get their weapons out and form a line along both sides of the ship. They stood so close together that their shields formed an unbroken row, with a spear point extending from the lower end of each shield.

Olaf approached the door and prodded with his spear in Hrapp’s direction.

Hrapp gripped the spear just above the blade in both his hands and give it a wrench, breaking the shaft.

Kjartan jumped down from his horse immediately and turned towards the Osvifssons. There was a very large rock where Kjartan said they should stand to meet the attack. Before they met up, Kjartan threw his spear and struck Thorolf’s shield above the handle, forcing it back against him. The point of the spear went through the shield and into Thorolf’s arm above the elbow where it severed the large muscle. Thorolf dropped his shield and his arm was of no use to him that day.

At this same instant Helgi Hardbeinsson entered, bearing a spear whose blade was a full ell in length, with iron wound around the shaft. When Bolli saw this, he threw down his sword, took his shield in both hands and went towards the doorway to meet Helgi. Helgi lunged at Bolli and the spear pierced both the shield and Bolli himself. Bolli leaned against the wall of the cabin. Halldor and his brothers then came rushing in, followed by Thorgerd.

As he said this, Helgi thrust his spear from the shieling window right through Hrapp, who fell to earth dead.

  • Ljósvetninga saga (C-recension) (Saga des gens du Ljosvatn)

As they were escorting Solmund past the door, Hoskuld hurled his spear, driving it into Solmund’s chest. The brothers ran out of the shed to their horses and rode to their men.

Then they attacked each other fiercely. Otrygg acted as if he could see no one but Eyjolf. Thorvard was not especially aggressive at first. Otrygg thrust his spear at Eyjolf, who was wearing a red tunic. He had girded up the skirt of the tunic, and Otrygg’s thrust went into the folds. Thorstein the Mighty brought his axe hammer down so hard on the spear that it drove the spear blade into the ground. Otrygg bent down for it, and when Eyjolf saw that, he pierced Otrygg through with his spear. He twisted away, fell in the stream, and died there. There was no need then to goad Thorvard.

  • Reykdæla saga og Víga-Skútu

Then a battle began between them and Vemund threw a spear at Hroi and hit him in the instep. Hroi threw the spear back at Thorkel and it went right through him. He was the son of Thorgerd of Hraunsas ridge. Thorodd Grinder killed Helgi, Hroi’s brother.

When they met, Vemund greeted him warmly and they divided their force. Konal and his men rode to Ljosavatn across the river and Vemund and his men searched Fljot heath in case they had not crossed the river. He had tracking dogs which Konal owned and they picked up the scent of the oxen. Thorleif and Hrafn sprang up and dived into the river and swam under water. Vemund and his men galloped after them but Thorleif and Hrafn got to a hillock. Vemund and his men attacked them there. Vemund threw a spear toward the hillock and it hit Thorleif in the midsection and went right through him. Hrafn seized the spear and threw it back and down at them and the man who got in its way fell dead from his horse’s back. Hrafn leapt on his horse and galloped off as hard as he could until he got home and told Steingrim how his expedition had turned out.

Then they parted and Skuta rode up beside Vestman and his companions. Skuta was dressed in a hooded cloak and then he let fly with a spear at Vestman and said now he could see the man he had been looking for. The spear hit Vestman in the mid-section and he got his death from it immediately.

Then they opened the entrance to the tunnel and a draft of cold air from the tunnel struck Skuta and he awakened at that and stood up. And in that instant, Illugi thrust a spear into Skuta and Skuta struck over Illugi’s head and into Bjorn’s head and in that instant he said not everybody had been discreet. And nevertheless he had then been wounded with the wound which brought him to his death

  • Valla-Ljóts saga

Bjorn was foremost in the attack. Thorstein threw a spear at Havard the Norwegian and it ran him through. Bodvar grabbed the spear, sent it back and struck Thorstein and it did him deadly harm. And in that instant Eyjolf came up behind Bodvar and dealt him a deathblow. Then Eyjolf grabbed Bersi and went sliding along with him back to his gang and told Bjorn and the others to attack.

Gudmund said, « There he goes, » and threw a spear at him, but it struck the axe. Ljot picked up the spear and went home.

  • Vatnsdæla saga (Saga des chefs du Val-au-Lac)

When Hrolleif saw him, he hurled a spear at him, and it hit him in the midriff.

And when they came to the marshes now known as Svartsfell marsh, the horse sank under their weight, and Gudbrand told Svart to slide back off the horse at that moment, and he did so; and when Svart saw that Gudbrand was not watching, he turned his spear towards him. The housewife saw this and said, « Watch out for that dog, who wants to betray and kill you. » At that instant, Svart thrust Gudbrand through with his spear – under his arm and right into his torso. Gudbrand managed to draw his sword and swung at Svart and slashed him severely in the midriff.

  • Viga glums saga (Saga de Glúmr le Meurtrier)

… he hurled his spear at Angrim, and it went through both the saddlebow and the thigh; and Arngrim could not do much fighting that day.

At last they struck the horse down with their spears and thus killed it.

  • Þórðar saga hreðu (Saga de Þòrđr l’Impétueux)

Sigurd the Norwegian attacked Thord with his spear, which hit his shield, glanced off it and stuck in the ground. Sigurd fell off balance, following the stroke through. When Thord saw this, he struck at him, chopping him in half above the hips.

Then Thord charged at Ozur and drove his spear through the man who was standing in front.

Then he and his men attacked Thord and Eyvind. Thord threw a spear at Ozur, but one of his men jumped in front of him, and the spear flew through him instead.

Thord threw his spear at Skeggi …

Bilan provisoire :

  • On estoque autant qu’on lance.
  • On fend/traverse des boucliers.
  • Les manches cassent (rotation de bouclier ou avec le corps ou avec épée ou hache).
  • Une combinaison lance/épée (saga de Njal le brulé) lance/hache (saga des frères jurés) et bouclier/hache ensemble plus lance dans la main droite (saga des frères jurés)
  • Rien sur la prise (pronation ? Supination ?) …
  • Egils saga : le bouclier est passé sur le dos et on combat à la lance à 2 mains

La javeline dans les sagas islandaises

(traduction à venir)

Lexique :

  • «snærisspjót» : thonged spear (lance avec lanière/corde), harpon
  • «snarspjót» : short spear
  • «gaflak» : javeline

  • Eyrbyggja saga

At one point when he was making a bold defence by hurling a stone into Sturla’s troop, Sturla threw a thonged spear at him, which hit him in the stomach, knocking him down outside the fortification. Sturla ran up to him straightaway and took hold of him, not wanting anyone else to wound him, because he wanted there to be no dispute that he was Ospak’s killer.

  • Fljótsdæla saga

using spears to hunt birds

… they were always having fun hunting ptarmigans, and they brought bundoes of them home. The had tremendous sport at this, and they did not hunt the ptarmigans like other men did. They had no nets, but shot them with thonged spears.

They had their thonged spears in their hands, but the sword was so big that neither of them had the strength to carry it.

  • Gull-Þóris saga

He had a harpoon that his father had given him.

  • Harðar saga og Hólmverja

Hord noticed that a man was stood in one of the chimneys holding a bow. He threw a javelin at the man and killed him.

He threw a javelin at Geir, which hit him between the shoulders and killed him.

  • Kjalnesinga saga

Bui was holding a small, short spear in his hand. He hurled it at them.

  • Reykdæla saga og Víga-Skútu

It is said that Vemund launched a javelin with a throwing thong and it hit the tail of Stein’s shield and nailed his instep to the shield. Stein broke the spear-shaft in two with his other foot and ran as best he could for the boat-house. Vemund asked him not to run but Stein paid no attention to that. Now it is to be said that Thorvald, son of Galti from Arnarnes, fell before Stein at the door of the boat-house. And then Stein wanted to jump out into the ferry and intended to defend himself from there but Vemund Fringe arrived at that instant and immediately gave Stein his death-blow. Then Vemund and his slave went away at once taking Thorvald’s body with them and made no attack on the farmhands.

Then Skuta shot a spear with a throwing string across the ford and it hit a man called Thrand.

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