La Glíma dans les sagas islandaises, compilation

La Glíma dans les sagas islandaises, compilation.

Fabrice Guillou, Drekar/ AMHE du Maine

basé sur le document de Hurstwic :

Traduction française à venir

  • Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss

A mighty wrestling match took place between them. Sval turned troll so that Bard became the weaker. But in the end Bard broke the spine of Sval and buried him there in the gravel.

Thorkel’s leg had been broken in the brother’s wrestling match; he stood up and limped home. Afterwards his foot was bound, and it mended well.

They immediately went at it and wrestled. Thorir soon found that she had the strength of a troll. Their match was both hard and long, but it ended when he broke her back and so sent her to her death.

They had wrestling matches, and Lagalf and Eirik were evenly matched.

Later Bard and Eirki wrestled, and his hand was broken.

He wrestled on the way with a shepherd of Hallbjorn of Silfrastadir named Skeljung. He was a berserk.

There are some people who say that Orm Storolfsson … wrestled with Bergthor of Blafell, and that Orm won

The joint-throwing game is mentioned, in which bones are hurled back and forth between opponents with the intent of doing serious injury. This is the only mention in the Sagas of Icelanders, but it shows up in legendary sagas.

Let them have a go at joint-throwing or hold wrestling matches.

When Kolbjorn came, they all attacked each other and wrestled fiercely.

  • Egils saga (saga d’Egill, fils de Grímr le Chauve ):

Egil was a keen wrestler

  • Finnboga saga ramma (saga de Finnbogi le Fort ):

He was unruly and wrestled with the servant-woman.

There’s a boy here, Finnbogi, with whom you must wrestle.

They began to wrestle and the contest was both long and hard.

Bard asked whether Gunnbjorn wanted to wrestle with another boy.

They wrestled three rounds and Bard told them to stop, thinking them very evenly matched. Gunnbjorn said he did not want to, and he raun under the other boy’s guard and forced him down in such a way that the other immediately suffered three broken ribs.

Will you wrestle with me, Raud ?

It means little or nothing to wrestle with you, but you shall decide.

They then commenced a long wrestling bout.

Do you want us to wrestle?

…there was much talk of wrestling.

Jokul asked if Gunnbjorn wanted to wrestle.

It seems best to us for Gunnbjorn and Jokul to wrestle.

  • Fóstbræðra saga (Saga des frères jurés ):

One day, they were wrestling on the floor and making a great row

  • Grettis saga (Saga de Grettir ):

Then they grappled with each other and started wrestling

Then they went for each other and grappled fiercely, and Audun yielded his ground, realising that Grettir had grown stronger than him.

Some young men said that the weather was fine and pleasant, and that it would do them good to arrange wrestling matches and entertainment. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea and went to sit down near the booths.

He grabbed people by the shoulders and tossed them into the ring. The first to wrestle were the weakest, then each in turn, and everyone had great fun.

When most of the men had wrestled apart from the very strongest, the farmers talked over who would be ppreared to wrestle the brothers called Thord mentioned earlier, but no one was willing to.

…they told him to wrestle with someone.

let us pledge safety and full peace to this unknown visitor called Gest, in play and wrestling and all entertainment, for his stay here and journey hom

Grettir wrestles two brothers for sport.

Then it was suggested that one of the two Thords should wrestle with Grettir, and he said it was up to them to decide. One of the brothers came forward. Grettir stood there firmly, and Thord took a swift run at him, but he did not budge. Then Grettir reached over Thord’s back, took hold of his breeches and lifted him off his feet, and threw him backwards over his head so that he landed on his shoulders, suffering a considerable fall. People said that both brothers should tackle him at once, and they did so. a great tussle ensued and each gained the upper hand in turn. Grettir always managed to keep one of the brothers on the ground, but all three of them went down on their knees or were thrown down. The wrestled so hard that they were bruised and scratched all over. Everyone greatly enjoyed the match. When they finished, everyone thanked them for the wrestling match and the spectators agreed that the two of them were no stronger than Grettir alone

  • Gunnars saga Keldugnúpsfífls

To the sons of Thorgrim, this seemed fine, and they prepared to wrestle

…Gunnar was supposed to wrestle with Svart, and Helgi with Jokul.

They wrestled for a long time

« I would prefer to wrestle, » said Gunnar, « if it was against a human. »

« That sounds fine, » said the earl

The appointed time for the wrestling match came around.

The earl looked forward to the wrestling match

Bard … also came because he had heard that the wrestling match had been arranged

…Bard asked Gunnanr if he had agreed to wrestle

« Here is a doublet I want you give you, » said Bard. « You shall wear it when you wrestle. »

« Stand up then, » said the earl, « and wrestle with the lad who has been brought here for you. »

« I’m not supposed to wrestle with a troll, » said Gunnar

« You will wrestle with that one, » said the early

Gunnar stood up and went over to the field where they were to wrestle

  • Gunnlaugr saga (La saga de Gunnlaugr langue-de-serpent):

He was always challenging the merchants at wrestling, and they generally came off worst against him.

Thord called upon Thor to bring him victory. When they met the next day, they began to wrestle. Gunnlaug swept both Thord’s legs out from under him, and his opponent fell down hard, but the ankle of the leg Gunnlaug’s weight was resting on twisted out of joint, and he fell down with Thord. … Then his foot was bandaged and the joint re-set. It was badly swollen.

  • Jökuls þáttur Búasona

The fiercest wrestling match ensued. … When she was least expecting it, he made a hip throw and she came down first on her head, then on her trunk.

He backed off quickly, and then they set about each other and wrestled for a long time

Grimnir saw him, attacked him, and they got to grips with each other and wrestled so fiercely that everything in their way was destroyed.

  • Kroka refs saga

Gellir asked if Ref wanted to excuse himself from going by wrestling with him.

Gellir leapt from the saddle and attakced Ref saying, « For shame! You way you won’t wrestle when I want to. Now you’ll have to wrestle even though you don’t want to. »

« Now you’ll have to wrestle even though you don’t want to. » He tried in every way to throw Ref and could not get him down. Ref fended him off while Gellir pressed his attack with all his strength. But when Gellir went at him less strongly, Ref grasped Gellir with one hand on his belt and the other between his shoulder-blades and threw him onto the frozen ground a short distance off. Gellir came down on his elbows and skinned them both; his brow went livid. He sprang up at once, jumped into the saddle, grasped his spear, raised the shaft and struck at Ref.

An example of a woman wrestling with a man to protect herself from unwanted attention.

She sprang up and defended herself. It turned into a wrestling match, and at that moment, Narfi came to the window and looked in. When Grani saw a shadow falling on the window he tore himself free of Helga…

  • Laxdæla saga (Saga des gens du Val-au-Saumon)

Kjartan and his party were now approaching the ravine Hafragil. By this time the Osvifssons had begun to suspect that Bolli had taken up a position where anyone approaching from the north could see him. They conferred together and felt that Bolli might be going to betray them, so they went up to him on the slope and, pretending it was all in jest, began to wrestle with him, took hold of his feet and drew him further down the slope.

  • Ljósvetninga saga (C-recension) (Saga des gens du Ljosvatn )

he took him in a wrestling hold and said he was « in the habit of seducing our womanfolk. »

  • Svarfdæla saga (Saga des gens du Svarfaðardalr )

… Thord the wrestler challenged Klaufi to a wrestling match in an insulting manner: a man … was sent to him with a stick engraved with runes.

He … asked his kinsman … whether he should wrestle with Thord.

Many people gathered at Hof, because Thord did not want to wrestle anywhere else.

Indoor wresling match

They took hold of each other and wrestled for some time before a slave woman came through the door and said that they wrestled like girls because no one was thrown. She told them to kiss and make up. This angered Klaufi, and he lifted Thord up chest high and slammed him to the ground so hard that everyone thought he must be hurt. Then Klaufi gave him a sound thashing. And old woman sit in the corner of the room and cheered him on.

Víglundar saga

Then they came to blows and two went against one, but he got the upper hand no less in wrestling than in the board game.

Bilan :

On lutte pour le sport ou le divertissement ou pour sauver sa vie.

Techniques :

  • Colonnes cassées, une main, un balayage (Gunnlaugr), un mouvement de hanche (Jökuls þáttur Búasona)
  • « He tried in every way to throw Ref and could not get him down. Ref grasped Gellir with one hand on his belt and the other between his shoulder-blades and threw him onto the frozen ground » Kroka refs saga
  • «he took him in a wrestling hold » Ljósvetninga saga
  • « a slave woman came through the door and said that they wrestled like girls because no one was thrown » (Svarfdæla saga)
  • Then they came to blows (Víglundar saga)

On dit souvent que le combat fut long

Une femme se défend contre un homme trop entreprenant (Kroka refs saga)

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